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Yusuke Fujita

I was born in Saitama Prefecture in 1979. And I Lives in Saitama City.

I liked drawing a picture when I was child.

However, I gradually became far from drawing pictures. And I was interested in movies and music and spent my student days.

Around this time, I bought many CD and records only because of the jacket,and saw many movie pamphlets and flyers.

That experience has had a great influence on me now and is the backbone of my work.

After working as an office worker, part-time worker, and caregiver, I started drawing self taught from 2012.

I have worked on CD jacket artwork, local music

festival logos, illustrations for overseas magazines, store shop cards and promotional goods.

Also, at the “fujimi-ya” brand name,

sales of original goods such as T-shirts, and do the “three- minute quick portrait” that improvise sketches in three minutes per person at events / markets near the Tokyo area.

And I actively holds solo exhibitions, two-person exhibitions, group exhibitions,

and participation in overseas artists ZINE.

The process, method, and material of my work partially computerize dor sometime

using computer partly ,but the core parts or fundamental parts are done in analog.

•Subtlety blurred, trembling,

and uneven lines and outlines have a human touch by drawing directly on canvas or paper using own hands.

•non- reproducibility due to chance.

With this in mind, I am working on a production every day.

photo by Remi Katayama

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